Our clothes are designed in Brisbane, Australia and are made in Guangdong, China. The manufacturer we work with is the bee’s knees. Not only are they the loveliest magic-weaving team we could hope for, more importantly they operate ethically, environmentally and fairly. Their work, like ours, is honest and focuses on how to innovate and improve its practices. This is why we’re proud as punch of the annual audit and certification process they participate in through the leading global certification company SGS, and share with us. SGS outlines our manufacturers work in protecting the environment, their workers health, safety and remuneration, and ethical practices. It’s the kind of glowing report card that deserves a pat on the back and an ice-cream sundae.



We have a love affair with clothing made from 100% natural fibres, and it isn’t some summer fling. The romance between Jericho Road Clothing and natural fibres started a long time ago, first with long glances and double-takes at their cool vibes – any fabrics that can breathe, absorb sweat and water, be comfortable AND feel great in Australia’s temperatures is worthy of our attention. Then the love-stakes were raised when we realised that they are biodegradable and have a lesser environmental impact too. We’re hooked, and our customers seem quite taken with them too.



We aim to make a big impact on people’s lives through our clothing, with the smallest ecological footprint possible. As well as partnering with a manufacturer committed to protecting the environment, and producing clothing made from 100% natural fibres, we are always looking at each step of our business and making conscious choices to help do our part. The materials used to send out any orders to our customers are something we would be proud to take home to meet the parents. We are drastically reducing the amount of soft plastics used on our orders, and any soft plastics that can’t be done away with are recycled through the REDcycle program. Our parcels, tissue paper and stickers not only look fabulous, but are supplied by Noissue, a sustainable packaging company which are FSC certified, use soy-based ink, acid-free paper and is a proud member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance to contribute to global reforestation. The parcel itself is 100% compostable too! Single use bags are also not offered when we participate at markets. Our customers come prepared with their own totes or baskets to keep their treasures safe.



We are big fans of bringing new lives to our clothes, and giving each item its own second or third life. Not only does it reduce the chance of any clothing being discarded or forgotten in Narnia (also known as our wardrobes), it also gives our customers a chance to buy a pre-loved item that they thought they missed out on. And to help connect all of the savvy and ridiculously good-looking sellers and buyers in need, we’ve established ‘JRC Revolve’ where you can simply add the hashtag #jrcrevolve to any second hand pieces you’re looking to sell or track down on Instagram.

We’re also looking ahead and having some exciting discussions on how we can incorporate more recycled materials into our future pieces, as part of our effort to make every item have a longer life, and reduce our eco footprint.



The best businesses out there are those which foster a community that is local, inclusive, creative and fun! If we had a dollar for every talented person we’ve met through Jericho Road Clothing, we would have reached Richie Rich level of wealth. Lucky for us, we’ve had the great fortune of not only meeting but working with some of the loveliest and talented local artists, graphic designers, jewellery makers, fashion labels, farmers, stylists, hair and make up artists, market stall holders, laser cutting businesses, emcees, writers, caterers, venue managers and more in the biz.

In particular, we wouldn’t be the same business without the emerging artists we collaborate with. Being able to work closely together to respect and showcase their art on our styles is such a rewarding process and one of our favourite parts of this gig. As creatives, we are stronger together and every gesture counts for small businesses, which is why we love collaborating and meeting like-minded people that are busy making something special. If that’s you, please say hi! Or if you’re shy, you can always slide into our DMs.



Lending a hand is something we strongly believe in, and through the support and encouragement of our customers we can stretch our donations further to those in need. Getting behind charities such as Dangerous Females, helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which provides emergency and primary health care services for those living in regional areas of Australia, WIRES and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to help our wildlife after the devasting bushfires of 2020, is our way to help protect and show solidarity for those who may be suffering. We also planted 3970 trees in 2020 thanks to you guys and One Tree Planted. This initiative, like the sweet oxygen being produced from the extra trees, makes us giddy.

We are in planning stages for 2021 with huge goals to give to a whole heap of new charities and continue supporting some of our favourites.



We are working towards completely removing all use of soft plastics and incorporating more recycled fabrics in 2021 (we can’t wait to unveil something special made out of 100% recycled polyester and spandex – let your minds run wild with that juicy hint!)

These goals are just the beginning. We listen to our customers feedback and often use their suggestions as a guide to help us improve our sustainable business practices and the footprint we leave behind.

As a small business, we are proud of our giving back achievements.

Previously supported charities.

Royal Flying Doctor Service - TBA

One Tree Planted - in 2020, we donated 1 tree for every online order received. This meant that we were able to plant 3970 trees right here in Australia.

Sisters Inside $500

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital $6000

WIRES $12518.50